• At Edgewood Animal Hospital, we are animal lovers through and through. Beyond all of our training, education and experience, each one of us has a special animal friend with whom we share our lives. That’s why we can’t help treating your pet as if they were our very own …wrapping them up in a warm blanket, getting down on the floor to rub their belly and talking to them as if we were their guardian pet parent.

    Our pledge to you is that whenever you have a problem or a question we’ll be there – as a member of your family’s team…your pet’s trusted doctor. Whether you’re new to the Cedar Rapids and Marion area or have been here all your life, we encourage you to come in and give us a try!


    Dog Bathing Hacks

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    Keeping Fido Fit

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    Senior Cat Care

    Did you know that cats become seniors at around seven? While a seven-year-old kitty can certainly still be super frisky and playful, our feline friends do start slowing down around … Read More »

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